DrumLite™ Uses Interstate Plastics’ Polycarbonate for LED Lighting on DMX Controller

DrumLite™ is a unique Minnesota-based company that specializes in putting LED lights in musical instruments. DrumLite™ uses Interstate’s clear, custom-cut polycarbonate to illuminate the back side of their Independent DMX Controllers with LEDs. Using the lights in combination with our polycarbonate, controllers can be seen (or used behind the scenes) at many major rock tours, music award shows, late night TV music performances and more. According to Joey, co-founder of DrumLite™, having the backlit polycarbonate really sets the controllers apart from the rest. He added, “Ordering from Interstate is always seamless and we are able to get custom cut plastic with only a few clicks…We couldn’t be happier with your sales, support and products.” Thanks for the awesome pictures, Joey!